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IMT @ The Domain Reviews
On February 27, 2017

It's a great place :)

On February 18, 2017

Great place to live, I've spent 2 years here in the domain and it's been a lot of fun. Clean apartments, great value! Office staff is very helpful and always follows up!

On February 4, 2017

Very Happy with my Apartment here! The Location is great! It is very much like living in the city. I am not sure why some people choose to be so negative about every little thing, it s a large complex and it is located in a very public area with all kinds of people. There is bound to be stuff that the management can not 100% control. I have lived in a lot of different cities and apartment complexes, IMT has been a great experience so far. The office staff and property manager have always been so great and friendly. Working currently in customer service I can defiantly appreciate IMT @ The Domain. I did recently find out Rachel is leaving, so sad to see her go. She was the one that helped me find my apartment and she made moving a breeze! The few maintenance issues I have needed taken care off are always done with great care and integrity! One time after hours the Maintenance manager even helped me with my key jam, he happened to be walking by on his way home. Very thankful for his help! If I ever know of anyone who is looking I will definitely recommend IMT! Keep up the good work and can t wait till the next property event!

On January 26, 2017

Love my new place, couldn't be happier. Lauren and Corey are absolutely amazing and answered all my questions.

On December 29, 2016

I've been here for over 2 years. I love it! The IMT staff is amazing and works hard to make sure your living experience is nothing but the best. There are normal apartment issues, but the team works their very hardest to make sure everything gets taken care of quickly and diligently. The bars, restaurants and shops are walking distance away. There are so many restaurants you can literally have something different to eat every day! Definitely recommend stopping by and checking it out!

On December 17, 2016

Staff is always friendly; go Bailey and Lauren!

On December 9, 2016

Terrible customer service! I got into a very bad accident and had to get a rental car as my car got repaired. I could not take my sticker garage code off my windshield and they would NOT give me a loaner unless I paid a $50 deposit in the form of a check. They would not allow me to use a debit/credit card. I even gave them authorization to add $50 to my rent if I did not return the extra sticker so I can park in MY garage I pay rent for! Extremely frustrating that I now need to spend 10-15 minutes every night battling the Domain patrons just to park my car. You'd think the customer service would match or be equal to the cost of rent....Nope!

Hello Rick,

Thank you for providing this information and for speaking with me regarding this situation. I apologize again for the inconvenience, but I am happy that we could provide a solution. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything else that which we can be of assistance.

On September 27, 2016

Lauren Sepulvado completely sold me on the apartment! Such a caring person who went above and beyond to make sure it was a great fit for me! She also moved my buddy into an apt a month before me and he told me she was awesome! He was right! It's rare to meet such a caring person about her job and the people she works with!

On September 18, 2016

If you like trash problems, drunken partiers, cheap fixtures and parking problems go ahead and live here. I lived there for one year. The location is not worth it. Beware. This is a two star and the management has changed hands often. The main pool is often green from lack of care and they could care less if people who are not living there use their facilities. If you like people throwing up in the concrete hallways and rude people, live here. Never again.

Hello JAM and thank you for your feedback on your residency with us at IMT @ the Domain. I’m sorry to hear that you did not enjoy your time living in the Domain. IMT has managed our community for two years and have implemented many new systems to ensure your amenities, buildings and grounds are maintained on a daily basis for your enjoyment. Our residents’ satisfaction is our priority and providing a beautiful, comfortable community is important to our entire team! Our maintenance team is on property seven days a week and we have on call security patrol service for any disturbances you may encounter. I would love the opportunity to speak to you regarding some of your concerns for further information. Please feel free to contact me directly at or you may call our leasing office at 512-490-0808. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you!

On August 20, 2016

Best cost effective solution in the Domain. So many new complexes are ridiculously overpriced with their rent, but I've found IMT to be reasonable. The amenities are great, the fitness classes are a huge plus, and you have a district with just about everything you could need and still expanding. Been here for over 2

On July 6, 2016

LOVED IT HERE! My husband and I rented an apartment for 1 year and we absolutely loved it. The location is unbeatable. So close to the Domain, Rock Rose, and walking distance from Whole Foods; Train station and Metro Buses. I was thrilled I could walk everywhere. I loved the FX Fit classes, which are included if you live here. I ve met a lot of great people going to classes, they are awesome and the variety is amazing. Had so much fun! The management team was extremely nice and responded to any issues in a timely manner. We specially have to thank Rachel, she was always very understanding and helpful. I also liked the car tag that automatically opens the gate to the garage, so fast! Maintenance issues were always resolved on a timely basis, one of the guys in particular, Jose, was very friendly and efficient. The apartment had a great size for us, and we really enjoyed the pool area. Once a month they have events going on for residents, which I find very cool. So, overall, it was a great experience for us. The only reason I don t give it 5 stars is because of the trash issue, I do have to agree with some of the reviews here. From what I understand, they ve been working on it, and in no way it surpasses all the good things about living here. Another thing they should do, in my opinion, is notify residents about their packages deliveries, like the other complexes do. Besides that, great place to live in! I recommend it.

On June 29, 2016

The Leasing agent did a fantastic job responding to our queries and responding to our requests. And she did so with a smile on her face and boundless amounts of patience, despite being very busy. She deserves a medal! Also happy that when we rang asking for help with maintenance the response was incredibly prompt and the work was carried out well.

On June 24, 2016

This place is not worth it in my opinion. maintenance issues. (price reflect what it should cost)

Hello and thank you for your review of IMT @ the Domain. Our maintenance team strives to deliver excellent customer service and a prompt response time. I'm sorry to hear you have experienced maintenance issues during your residency with us and would love the opportunity to speak to you further about your concerns. Please feel free to contact me at our leasing office at 512-490-0808 or directly through email at

On May 11, 2016

Overall I have always had such a positive experience living here.The staff has always been so sincere and I can walk and enjoy all the Domain has to offer. I am sad I have to leave to move closer to work. I would have loved to continue to say living at IMT.

On March 6, 2016

I spent a year living at IMT and, for the most part, really loved living here. For the most part, the grounds are kept up fairly well. There are some great perks to living there, including free wifi in the common areas, free workout classes with FXFit held at the Wellness Center, 'community events' that usually include free food and sometimes booze, and of course being close of all of the shops and restaurants that the Domain has to offer. I really like the car tag that automatically opens the gate to the garage. The apartments are nice, though a bit pricey. They were pretty strict with the quiet hours, and would quickly take care of any problems (maintenance or otherwise).

Some of the things I didn't like about the property were: not getting notified when a package was delivered to the office, occasional power outages, not enough parking for guests and having my move-out final bill be sent to the wrong place (they left out my new apartment number) and almost getting it turned over to a collection agency due to their error (luckily this got resolved before anything happened!).

Overall, I liked the place. I'd live there again. The only reason I moved was to be closer to work.

On February 26, 2016

awesome apartments, great location!

On February 21, 2016

I rented a unit here in Phase 1 last year as a corporate unit and was very pleased with the amenities and community. They have a great amount of activities throughout the year and a great social activities.

Maintenance issues were always resolved on a timely basis, and front office personnel were friendly and responsive. I moved in during previous management and saw a noticeable increase in quality once IMT took over management of the property.

Hi David,

Thank you for taking the time to Yelp about IMT @ the Domain! Our team strives to deliver excellent customer service throughout your residency from office personnel to maintenance needs. We're happy to hear of your great experience living at our community and hope that if you are ever living at the Domain again, you choose IMT as your home!

On February 9, 2016

I recently moved into the IMT @ the Domain last month and have been very pleased so far. Coming from being a resident at the Villages at the Domain (which was an awful experience), the leasing staff and maintenance staff have been friendly, cooperative, and professional. When you are paying for luxury living, you have certain expectations that come along with the higher rents. I can honestly say I feel like my money goes a long way at IMT.

The interior hallways and overall property is maintained professionally and I feel that the tenants respect the property and the other residents living there.

Further, the location is really hard to beat. You are within footsteps of all the new amenities located in the Rock Rose development which include new restaurants, bars, coffee shop, yoga, etc.

If you are looking for a place to live in the domain- IMT at the Domain is the place to be.

Hi Kayla,

Thank you for the feedback and we're very happy to have you as part of our IMT @ the Domain community! It's good to hear that you enjoy the many benefits of living at the Domain and hope you're able to join us at our community events to meet your neighbors and IMT team! We hope the remainder of your residency with us continues to exceed all your expectations!

On January 9, 2016

My wife and I have been searching for apartments over the last two months, and have dealt with many leasing agents in the apartment front offices. At one point several months ago we gave up on the IMT property due to what we felt was a lack of effort. We recently revisited the IMT to give it another shot because we did love the property and we happen to get helped by Gary Stiil. From the moment he greeted us it was like night and day from any other leasing agent we had dealt with over the last three months. It was very close to closing time and in fact I suspect during the tour of the property it was past time for him to go home. He never once referred to the time and we never got the impression he was trying to hurry it along. I even mentioned it being near closing time and he shrugged it off

When we were done we explained to him we were determined to get a first floor two bedroom apartment with a yard and would be willing to wait for that to come available. I have had this similar conversation with other leasing agents and never heard back from them even after being assured they will contact us when one came up. Gary took our information and made the same promise. Much to my surprise two weeks later I get an email from Gary informing us that he had found the two bedroom apartment with a yard.

Gary is a real standout and complete professional. He made the tour enjoyable and fun and followed up on his promise. I will also add that after the tour that day my wife and I were hanging out near the property talking when we saw Gary leaving. As he walked by we talk for a moment before he went on, and that's when I realized he was waiting for us to finish so he could go home, and never let on. So if you are looking for an apartment at this property I highly recommend working with Gary

On December 5, 2015

IMT: In Moment of Terror!
That's what it really is, I swear.
This is the worst apartment I have ever lived in. I still regret that awful day when I made the decision to live here. I have lived in older apartments that are way cleaner than this.
Trust me, go for expensive ones (look around), or cheaper ones, but certainly not this one. Hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely no focus here.
Full of insects.
Go to the swimming pool, and you'll find yourself swimming with insect.
Open your closets, cabinets in the apartment and you'll be welcomed by all different kinds of insects.
Thinking of relaxing in your tub? Well, stop, take a look, you'll find an insect already waiting for you there.
This is nothing. You want a cup of tea. You go to your kitchen, open sugar container, and right when you are about to put a spoonful of it into your tea, you are shocked to see yet another insect. Least expected, right! But nothing bad is UNexpected at IMT.
Basically, your apartment is more a home to all those insects than to yourself.
Forget about getting back home tired and changing your clothes and just putting them to fold them for later. 'cause you never know when you'll see something under your sleeve.
Another frustrating thing. If you are one of those people who choose to do laundry in the building, make sure to have ample stock of quarters. No dimes, no cents, no dollars, just quarters. Only then, it's gonna work. Dryer doesn't dry your clothes completely. So you might have to run it again or have your clothes all spread out to dry them naturally.

Dear Ada,

Thank you for your feedback, though I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pests in your home. We would certainly love the opportunity to take care of this promptly to resolve this issue for you. IMT @ The Domain offers free pest control service and has a technician in our community every week for preventative maintenance as well as any requests by our residents. If you have not yet done so, please contact our office or myself directly at 512-490-0808 so we may add you to the schedule for this week. For any other concerns you may have, please feel free to contact me at the leasing office to discuss. It is our goal you receive excellent customer service and an apartment you are proud to call your home!

On September 29, 2015

Awesome! April helped us out so much! The place is safe and very fun! Very convenient with shopping, transportation, and fun activities! Pet friendly, nice neighbors, tons of bars and shopping. Very nice office staff, fast repairs, and many things to do!

On August 22, 2015

Moved out here from NYC, which means this is the largest and nicest apartment I've ever lived in. Haven't had any problems, staff is friendly. They host random events, just cuz. Discounts at local spots just for living here. Located near a ton of tech which is great, if you work in tech. Solid bars within walking distance. Most important fact, amirite?

On April 22, 2015

I recently moved here and I love the place! The staff is amazing, the property is really nice, and there are lots of community activities. I highly recommend it!

On September 2, 2015

The IMT used to be great... but then they started enforcing the fact that you have to keep your dog on a leash at all times in the park behind the apartment. This used to be the best amenity of living here. Everyday people would gather with their dogs in the park and they would all run and play. Now there is a security guard on duty at all times and will make you keep your dog on a leash. I have lived here for two years and the main reason we decided to move here was for the park for our dog. Now out of nowhere there is this security guard. If you have a dog DO NOT move here. The sole reason we have decided to move away is because of this policy in the park. If I were the IMT I would work with Endeavor (the owner of the park) to reduce the strictness of this policy because I know they are losing residents left and right because of this.

Hi Makenzie, I am the Community Manager at IMT @ the Domain, and wanted to respond to your concerns. At IMT @ the Domain our priority is our residents, and, therefore, we have policies in place to ensure that the community is an enjoyable environment for all of our residents. With regards to the park behind our building, this park is not actually part of our community and therefore is managed by a different company who has hired a courtesy office to enforce the Austin leash law. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and wanted to let you know that we do have a dog park on our community that you can use, and we do not require your pet to be in a leash as the park is enclosed. If you would like to discuss your concern with me directly then I can be reached at (512) 490-0808. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback and thank you for your residency at IMT @ the Domain.

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